State of Crowdfunding Report - First Edition

Learn about the characteristics of successful campaigns according to more than 30 European platforms

We've put together a veritable treasure trove of crowdfunding information and are excited to share it with you! We interviewed more than 30 crowdfunding platforms in Europe, talking to insiders and gathering a mountain of data that could really change the fate of your capital raising.

We have focused on each individual type of crowdfunding – reward, lending, donation, equity – to give you a complete overview. In the report we have prepared, you will find a detailed guide to what makes these campaigns successful with all the differences you can find in each mode of raising money.

List of sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing stuff
  3. Campaign strategies
  4. Platforms' behaviour
  5. Methodology
  6. Conclusions

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Research manager

Agustin Pace

Agustin Pace, a brilliant student at Santa Clara University in California, has demonstrated extraordinary skills in his work at Turbo Crowd, devoting himself to producing the 'State Of Crowdfunding' report.

The whole process of organizing the material, writing the applications, contacting crowdfunding platforms and drafting the document took about four months of work.

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