funding for startups

crowdfunding reputazione bancaria
funding for startups

Crowdfunding to improve your credit rating

It can be difficult for a startup or SME in Italy to gain access to bank credit because the parameters required to have a good credit rating are often unattainable and the conditions to be met following any financing are onerous for these types of companies.

account based marketing
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Account based marketing for capital raising

Account Based Marketing is a B2B marketing and sales strategy that is an alternative to the classic purchase of online and offline advertising space, allowing you to bypass high advertising costs and reach a carefully selected target audience based on your needs.

supporto legale crowdfunding
clausola di segregazione cos'è

Il supporto legale per campagne di crowdfunding

Prima e dopo una campagna di crowdfunding è necessario rispettare una serie di adempimenti burocratici e affrontare alcune questioni legali che possono apparire noiose o spinose ma sono fondamentali per una campagna regolare, sicura ed efficiente.

differenze sfp equity crowdfunding
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Differences between S.A.F.E and equity crowdfunding

The S.A.F.E agreement and equity crowdfunding are both capital-raising instruments that lead towards enlarging the shareholder base of a company, but through very different routes. It is because of these differences that they can be two complementary instruments, rather than mutually exclusive, and enrich a company's capital-raising opportunities.