Crowdfunding: new frontiers

Crowdfunding is not just equity, lending, reward and donation. In recent years, new tools for crowdfunding-that is, for raising capital by engaging the web crowd -are becoming more widespread, involving the use of digital assets such as coins and tokens.

In this section of our blog, you will find a series of articles devoted to the new frontiers of crowdfunding, which will enable you not only to learn about and explore new ways of raising capital, but also to understand how to take advantage of them to grow your project.

differenze sfp equity crowdfunding
Crowdfunding: new frontiers

Differences between S.A.F.E and equity crowdfunding

The S.A.F.E agreement and equity crowdfunding are both capital-raising instruments that lead towards enlarging the shareholder base of a company, but through very different routes. It is because of these differences that they can be two complementary instruments, rather than mutually exclusive, and enrich a company's capital-raising opportunities.