Crowdfunding Case Studies

Crowdfunding is an extremely flexible tool, so it can be declined into a thousand different paths depending on the specifics and needs of the company that chooses it as a means of raising capital.

Comparing with successful crowdfunding experiences of various kinds is essential to understand how to do crowdfunding for real, beyond theory.

The case studies collected in this section show different strategies for bringing crowdfunding campaigns to success with different assumptions and goals, in Italy and abroad. The commonalities that can be found between one case and the other are the pillars from which no crowdfunding campaign can go without.

crowdfunding di successo Cam.TV
Crowdfunding Case Studies

Storie di successo: crowdfunding STO di Cam TV

Cam.TV è una piattaforma social dedicata a creator e professionisti nata con l’obiettivo di fornire uno spazio dove pubblicare e guadagnare con i propri contenuti. Nel 2021 avvia una campagna di raccolta fondi tramite STO per implementare le funzionalità della piattaforma e migliorare la tutela del diritto d’autore dei creator.