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crowdfunding di successo Cam.TV

Cam.TV is a social platform dedicated to creators and professionals, born with the goal of providing a space where they can publish and earn with their content. The basis of the project was the idea of connecting content seekers with content creators, structuring a transparent remuneration system thanks to blockchain, in which not only the purchase of content or products, but also likes and interactions have tangible value.

To make this kind of direct monetization of content possible, Cam.TV created a cryptocurrency integrated with the platform, LKSCOIN (aka Likes Coin) to remunerate content creators.

The choice of blockchain indicated a specific desire to identify itself as an independent and decentralized platform for exchanges of value between users and creators, without any intermediary. Indeed, the main characteristic of blockchain is precisely decentralization.

What more suitable project, then, to launch the first crowdfunding campaign via Security Token Offering in Italy? In 2021, Cam.TV, having already successfully concluded a crowdfunding campaign three years earlier, decided to fully embrace its innovative and digital nature and launch a fundraising campaign through STO to implement platform functionality and improve creator copyright protection.

Campaign participants would be able to purchase Cam Tokens, which are tokens representing the right to participate in the company's revenue.

To retrieve information on what a Security Token Offering is and how it works, read our article about that topic.

Before the campaign: strengths and weaknesses

Cam.TV already had the experience of a crowdfunding campaign behind it and was about to launch a new funding round with unprecedented features, within a crowded and fierce, as well as evolving, market framework. The scale of the digital revolution proposed was considerable for a company with only a few years of age behind it, and the issues touched upon very current and sensitive (in particular the remuneration of online copyright). This scenario determined significant strengths and weaknesses.


  • crowdfunding campaign community
  • actuality of the project
  • platform accessibility
  • innovation in line with current trends
  • organized and transparent disintermediation
  • large amount of media material. 


  • potentially complicated language
  • suspicion surrounding cryptocurrencies
  • high density of established social competitors
  • need for a very broad user base.

Cam.TV crowdfunding: critical issues

From the discussion in the previous paragraph, it can be understood how Cam.TV required the support of Turbo Crowd's expertise to tackle a crowdfunding project that was complicated first and foremost because of its innovative scope, both in the mode of collection and in the service itself. The choice of platform for the campaign fell on the Austrian Black Manta because there were still no crowdfunding portals in Italy specializing in Security Token Offering and because Cam.TV was aiming for internationalization from the beginning.

These circumstances resulted in some major critical issues:

  • management of operations on foreign platform 
  • split of marketing activity flows between institutional and retail investors(now sophisticated and unsophisticated) and between Italians and foreigners
  • adaptation of the offering (such as language, structure and legal compliance) to the various target nations
  • communication of the novelty represented by the STO.

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Turbo Crowd x Cam.TV

Turbo Crowd professionals and the Cam.TV team first implemented a differentiated bidding flow in four languages and two investor profiles (retail and institutional), trying to make as simple as possible a process that could appear complicated to the user and required many software adjustments both on the Cam.TV side and on the Austrian Black Manta platform side.

Here are the main activities carried out to structure a marketing operation as geographically broad as possible, with a strong innovative characterization but at the same time understandable to blockchain novices, and aimed at both potential creators and potential users:

  • creation of a Cam.TV portal dedicated to the campaign
  • splitting the flow of retail and institutional users between the Cam.TV portal and the Black Manta platform for the execution of purchase orders
  • use of free lead magnets such as webinar
  • use of paid lead magnets such as the book written by the founder of Cam.TV (free first chapters) for creators
  • book funnel strategy for selling books as a front-end product to get people to invest in the campaign
  • paid advertising on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn
  • editorial plan on the company's social media
  • implementation of CRM applications to manage data from acquired leads.

Cam.TV Crowdfunding with Security Token Offering: results

The Security Token Offering campaign of Cam.TV began in June 2021 and was successfully concluded in December of the same year. The Security Tokens offered for sale by the company had a face value of 1.25 euros each and the minimum subscription was 800 pieces.

Some data of the collection:

Investors: 5.492

Tokens distributed: 15,000,000

Nominal value of tokens awarded: €19,000,000

In addition to the financial result, thanks to the campaign Cam.TV got in touch with many potential creators, who are essential to feed the platform with content and subscriptions, and with potential users interested in more easily finding the content they are looking for online.

The innovativeness of the operation also gave it considerable visibility in the media.

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