Crowdfunding for sustainability projects

crowdfunding sustainability

Some countries in the world find it more difficult to access funding than others. In those countries, it is especially important to bring in sustainability projects: crowdfunding can be a great ally for implementing environmental projects in developing countries.

The German platform Bettervest was created precisely to help creators social and environmental impact projects in developing countries (Asia and Africa especially) raise debt capital.

Investing in green projects in these parts of the world often has high costs and marginal returns because there is less public support and incentives, more bureaucracy and hidden costs-that’s the challenge. These are places with high potential, but no capital.

The EU Regulation will make it easier to attract investment from all over Europe by launching a campaign on a single platform-a change that can be critical for environmental sustainability projects, of collective interest.

Governments themselves incentivize these projects, and markets favor companies that show attention to these issues: what is needed now are ideas, and crowdfunding can help make them viable.

What do we speak about during the webinar?

1. Opportunities and challenges of crowdfunding in the sustainable investment sector

2. A look at projects in developing countries (such as Asia and Africa)

3. Emerging trends and future developments of the crowd applied to sustainable projects


0:00 Introduction

1:10 What the Bettervest platform does

3:15 Who can do crowdfunding for sustainable projects on Bettervest

4:50 Lending crowdfunding for green projects: an alternative to banks

6:17 The opportunities of the EU Regulation for crowdfunding

8:20 The difficulty of implementing environmental sustainability projects in developing countries

11:00 Examples of projects for Bettervest

13:29 Why to do multiple crowdfunding rounds

14:50 Consulting and training to launch environmental and social sustainability projects

17:36 The government role in the green transition

20:00 How to submit a sustainability project to raise capital

22:17 Collaborations between crowdfunding platforms


Claudio Grimoldi, Turbo Crowd Founder

Andy Goodwin, Bettervest CEO

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