International lending crowdfunding

international lending crowdfunding

Lending crowdfunding is a very useful lending tool for businesses, especially now that banks are imposing increasingly stringent conditions on loans.

Winwinner is a lending crowdfunding platform in Belgium, mainly focused on SMEs. In Belgium lending crowdfunding is far more dominant than equity, while in Italy for a long time it was the other way around, but currently lending crowdfunding is proving to be more profitable.

For an Italian company to raise capital abroad can be a valuable opportunity to network internationally and expand its audience, as well as to learn new marketing and business strategies. Different countries also have different regulations and tax breaks, which can be used to one’s advantage.

What remains the same in every country is the importance of marketing to crowdfunding: it is essential to be successful. In turn, crowdfunding is always a marketing operation in itself and has among its main added values that it leads to building a community, more than just raising capital.


0:00 Introduction

2:30 What Winwinner does

3:35 The importance of selection in lending crowdfunding

6:20 The importance of marketing for crowdfunding

8:45 Differences between Belgium and Italy in raising capital

14:00 Raising capital outside your own country

18:40 Tax breaks for investors in different countries

20:30 The advantages of raising capital on a foreign platform for an Italian company

24:00 The importance of creating a community


Claudio Grimoldi, Turbo Crowd Founder

Matthias Browaeys, Winwinner Founder&CEO

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